Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Chandelier..

This is it.  This is the chandelier that cost me half a million bucks!  Well, not technically, see, I love chandeliers.

My Grandparents' house had a magnificent crystal chandelier that hung in the centre of the house, above the entrance.  Around it was a grand curved staircase that many a bride walked down on their way to the church.  I loved that chandelier with all its old world charm.  So when I walked in and saw this chandelier...I had to have it! Trouble is, you also had to take the house. Never mind that it was ridiculously over my budget, or that it's insane to buy a house because it has a chandelier. It was love at first sight.

This chandelier is probably only one tenth the size of my Grandparents' and no where near as grand...but I love it anyway!