Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An afternoon with Valentino

I had a lovely afternoon with Valentino today.  It was drizzly outside, I was wearing my favourite Sex and the City dress and I was by myself.  It was the perfect afternoon for a long meander amongst haute couture at GoMa and I found myself lost in the gorgeousness of another world.  I should go to these things by myself more often.

The gowns were exquisite.  The designs were flawless, from the detail of the beading to the fall of the fabric, the gowns were utterly feminine and I fell in love with them.  My favourite gown too was there - the gorgeous lemon coloured, one shoulder Valentino that Cate Blanchett wore to the Oscars in 2005.

I spent all my time in the first section, not realising there was a second section.  I was excited and disappointed at the same time when I realised, as there was only 15 minutes until closing.  But it was there I found the gown of my dreams (I have no idea where I would wear it). It was cream with gorgeous embroidery and silver butterflies.  

GoMa wouldn't allow you to take photos in the exhibition, so this is the photo from the Brisbane Times website.  Utterly divine....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is our dog, Bella.  She's a pure bred whippet.  When we bought her 8 years ago as a puppy she drove me mad. And not the "I love you like crazy" mad.  The "oh my god, you're driving me crazy and I want to kill you" mad.  She dug up my garden, escaped under fences, pooed over the garage, pulled the washing off the line and chewed EVERYTHING.  She chewed up her wooden doghouse, the skirting boards on the house and had a particular fondness for my shoes.  But only my Italian leather shoes.  With the other cheap, synthetic ones she would just take one of the two and bury it.  She drove me INSANE!!!

But she was so loyal.  Even when I would yell and her, and sometimes give her a smack for eating ANOTHER pair of my shoes, she would just sit with me whenever I was in the garden, or talking to the neighbours.  For hours.  She grew out of her chewing stage and didn't dig up my garden anymore.  Although she took a liking to one particular spot which happened to be on one of my gardenias.  She's a faithful companion and a much loved family member.

And now we think she has cancer.

She has a lump on her stomach which is either a harmless blood blister, or a Hemangiosarcoma, aka skin cancer.  Either way it needs to be removed, and if it is cancer there's a chance it has spread.  I'm not really an "animal" person, but the thought of losing her fills me with sadness.  Josh is devastated and all we can do is have the operation, and hope for the best.

Saturday, September 4, 2010