Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthday celebrations at du Monde

Congrats to the lovely people at du Monde on their second birthday in the Paddington Antique Centre.  Double celebrations for their launch too of "Design in a Box". Fabulous concept! Absolutely in love with all the homewares they have in there. Checked out all their wares with my cousin Tehana, who squealed (literally) every five seconds, "ohhh I LOOOVE this...!"

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! All gorgeous! Congrats to Daryl and my bestie bernice on a fabulous job and a fabulous night!

Ohh and looky at the cute little mini cupcakes they served - from Judy C Cakes. The little pink thing poking out the top was a butterfly. I was going to take another photo so you could see it...but I decided to eat it instead ;-) . Stop licking your computer screen!