Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gallery SOHO

Am loving all these new fabulous cafes that are popping up across Brisbane. I noticed Gallery SoHo when they started the fit out on busy Old Cleveland Road. It had these awesome decals of renaissance style artisans, which kept me guessing as to what it would be. A cafe? A bakery? It was a very small space, and they built long communal tables out the front. All very exciting.

It's been open for a few weeks at least and being on Old Cleveland Road, I drive past it often. It was clearly a cafe and ALWAY busy! Graham and I finally had a chance to check it out on Sunday for brunch and it FAABULOUS!

Firstly, all day breakfast. Tick one for Graham. Secondly, all the breads are artisan type breads - no animal fats and baked freshly daily from a "secret" local supplier. I know all this because the owner actually took the time to explain it all, while we were ordering and later for a chat when he collected our places. Tick one for me!

Was soo delicious, ate it before I got the iPhone out
Thirdly, lots of vegetarian options AND you can make changes the menu if requested...without the sour looking face from the waiter. Tick one for both of us! I had a vegetarian grill with eggplant, tomatoes, marinated capsicum, swiss cheese and aoili - I asked them to hold the onion jus - I'm sure it would have been delicious, but onion doesn't agree with me. Graham had scrambled eggs and mushrooms, and was as happy as Larry.

I had my "quarter strength latte", poured nicely, and not burnt or bitter
Despite being a super busy main road, we didn't notice the traffic and didn't mind sharing tables with complete strangers.

Loving living on the East side at the moment...I'll definitely be back...if just for the coffee.