Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lady Marmalade Cafe

Ahhh Lady Marmalade Cafe, I think you're my new favourite cafe! Great coffee, friendly service and a simple menu. It's tucked in the corner of the Logan Road near Stones Corner, and when Graham and I dropped in it was a chilly Winter's morning and it was warm inside with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

I love the old crockery they serve on, it's like the retro dinnerware you'd get at Grandma's, but when it's here it seems way cooler.

We just had coffee and raison toast cause we were in a hurry, but it was fast and pretty yummy. Most importantly, they made me a quarter strength flat white just how I like it.

The guy next to me was tucking into the haloumi, roasted pumpkin, chilli & mint pesto, tomato and spinach on sourdough...that'll be what I'm ordering next time.