Sunday, June 19, 2011

My new love

Since I've starting for a home and lifestyle magazine I've fallen completely in love with interior design.  Not just all the beautiful products out there but the creativity interior designers have in putting it all together.

I find myself pouring over home magazines where I used to look at fashion magazines, and reading blogs by interior designers when I used to read blogs from fashionistas. Am I just getting older or do I have a new passion?

I'm really looking forward to decorating the house when it's finally rebuilt after the flood. I haven't decided on a theme yet, but I've fallen in love with mid century and Scandanavian furniture.

Love this coffee table from Sounds Like Home.

Adore this Florence Broadhurst cushion by Olive & Joy...but it's $89!

Saw this lampshade at the South Bank Young Designer's Markets. Seven Dandelions  make the most beautiful pieces.