Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy 100th to my Grandma

Today would have been my beloved grandmother's 100th birthday. She was an amazing woman. She lost her husband when he was only in his early 40s, leaving her with 2 young children to raise in a foreign country where she had very little money and spoke very little English.

She had a steely resolve and proud nature and never took charity and she looked after herself and her children by running a small mixed business. 

She had easier times in retirement and seemed to take great joy in looking after us grandkids - we called her "Por-Por" which was the Chinese name for Grandma. She was a cracker cook and had some awesome toys, so we were always happy to visit.

Por-Por was immensely loved and so very well looked after by her two children in her later years, a testament I think to those strong family values.  We lost her in 2006 (she was 94 though...what a champion), and we all miss her greatly.

Happy 100th Por-Por!