Saturday, September 24, 2011

Historic Harrow

I loooooove visiting old homesteads and historic homes. Is that weird? I just love the mystery and romance of a bygone era, the craftsmanship of builders back then and the history of the owners and occupants of the home over the years. It's usually a combination of boom and bust, happiness and tragedy and sometimes riches to ruins and back again.

This is Harrow Homestead on the Darling Downs. I'd never heard of it, but Graham's sister Sue had been there 10 years ago, when the gardens were open, but the homestead was closed. She heard they were opening it for the Carnival of Flowers so we decided to stop in on the way back.

The Sitting Room
What a magnificent old homestead, with all the period features still intact - high ceilings, cedar wall panelling, lush pile carpet. It was built in 1860 and extensions had been added (some not very sympathetically) but it all told a story.

Like all historic homesteads, there always seems to be a tragedy. This was the death of a little boy. Didn't say much...but still such a feeling of sadness.