Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Noodle World

History has taught us that whenever we do events we know we won't get time to eat, so we fuel up beforehand. So before the Zen Wall Pilates launch, even though the food they had there looked divine, we arrived a bit early to find something to munch on. There's not many options in the way of quick (not fast) food, but the local noodle bar looked good.

Call me wierd, but I love an open kitchen. There's something about seeing the raw ingredients before their cooked, watching the cook toss and throw them around in the wok, hearing the crackling as they hit the oil and then the inevitable smell of frying garlic as all the ingredients as they start to cook. I guess that's why I love noodle bars so much, they're like the "slightly" healthier version of fast food. Especially when all the ingredients are out on display. You know, at least, that they're fresh and the place is confident enough to say, "yep, here they all are!"

Noodle World is a tiny, hole in the wall noodle bar in Sherwood. There's a couple of tables out the front and a couple of teeny tiny benches inside that you could probably only fit about 4 people on. The menu is nothing out of the ordinary, all your typical noodle combinations and a dedicated vegetarian section, and the prices are very reasonable. Around $10 for most dishes either sit in or take away...and I'm pretty happy with that.

We had the ginger and soy tofu friend noodles and a side of tofu rice paper rolls. The noodles were great!  I always hesitate with getting anything with soy sauce in it as most places load it (no idea why) and it's way too salty for my liking. I was a little worried when it came out VERY dark, but the flavour was subtle with a nice hint of zesty ginger. The rice paper rolls were freshly made and served with a satay and chilli sauce (probably could have skipped on the chilli bit). But it was quick, hot (not the rice paper rolls), tasty and fresh, which was important because we only had 20 minutes from beginning to end before the event.  This is actually the second time we've eaten here, the first time was a similar situation - in a hurry on our way somewhere.  Same fast service, good basic food. I do love consistency.

It's always exciting to find a good noodle bar that's not a chain or a franchise. I'm loving Noodle World, and just a note...don't be frightened off by the cook's bizarre hair cut, they're really, really nice people...and he cooks a mean noodle dish!