Thursday, October 20, 2011

A second date haircut

I'm such a hairdresser whore. I bounce from one hairdresser to another, whichever takes my fancy, or is nearby. I never stay around long enough to form a relationship and with all the group deals I basically go to any hairdresser that can offer me the best deal.

This is how my relationship with Obsidian Hair started. Six months ago an online deal of $69 for a cut, colour, eyelash and eyebrow tint got me in. And it was fabulous. Not because of the price, but the hairdresser actually gave me a haircut the way I wanted it!

My hair is sooo easy to cut. It's straight, thick and does what it's told, so I don't know why I always come out with a mullet or bowl cut and $50 poorer.

Anyways, she did a fabbo job, and today I did something I've never done. I went back for a second date and it was just as good as the first.

Oh, and I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE the mural on the wall! The hairdresser said it was done by a friend of hers. Love it!