Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brisbane Flood Update

Left by an unknown volunteer who helped to clean my home after the floods

Today I emailed over my final correspondence to the insurers before (hopefully) my claim settles. It's been a long journey but I'm looking forward to this next chapter.

While at times it's been very frustrating, there's been some huge positives that have come out of this and that's what I like to concentrate on.

The day after the floods awesome friends and family rallied around and in the most horrendous (and smelliest) of circumstances to help clear out all my mud infested belongings and clean out my home.  Complete strangers whose names I'll never know and will never be able to thank came from around the corner and across town with gurnis and boots, cleaned for hours without complaint and then left without as quickly as they arrived when the job was done to move on to the next home.

While insurers have been getting a bad run in the press, mine have actually been very good and I've been very happy and grateful for everything they've done. Most of the delays we've had have been beyond their control and they've come to the party to compensate.

Once I settle with the insurers I will be able to do things to the home that I wouldn't have been able to before the floods. That will definitely be a plus.

It does feel like a new beginning.