Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Homeless Connect

Josh, Graham and I volunteered at Homeless Connect today. It's a twice year event that connects homeless or at risk of homeless people with essential services from the government as well as professionals such as doctors, optometrists and dentists who volunteer their time.

I'm sure they didn't need my copywriting services but was happy to help in the food area. We cut up and prepped vegies, washed dishes and served food. Everyone was well behaved and the day went well.

It broke my heart to see some of the people that were there. The elderly and babies and children that really should have been at school. Actually, seeing anyone there at all broke my heart. I couldn't even begin to imagine what it would be like not knowing where you were sleeping for the night or where the next meal was coming from. Especially if you had children.

I took Josh along to volunteer so he could see how lucky he is to have a roof over his head, food every day and pretty much anything else he needed. That life wasn't so bad if he wasn't allowed to play on the computer every day and occasionally had to do some chores. It must have affected him to some extent as he definitely didn't want to do it again next year.