Saturday, October 29, 2011

The marvels of nature

My beloved star jasmine hedge

I visited the house last week to clear out the mailbox and check on the plants and my beautiful star jasmine hedge had burst into an explosive bloom of heady smelling flowers.

They were absolutely beautiful, and so heavy with flowers some of the branches were drooping. The perfume smell that I absolutely adore was sweet and overwhelming.

There was such a contrast between the splendorous beauty of Mother Nature's flowers and the desolate house it was in front of, still empty and waiting for repair from bearing the full brunt of Mother Nature's anger.

I couldn't help but think though that there were some other forces. The bloom was late this year and I thought that perhaps the toxic floodwaters had damaged their blooming ability permanently. I had visited the house last week and there wasn't a single bud on the hedge and it was as empty and barren as the house.

This week though, I've entered the final stages of settlement with my insurers and the outcome of the negotiations have been extremely positive. I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel where life returns to my beloved property. Perhaps it was a celebratory bloom just waiting for the right time. Or perhaps it was just Mother Nature showing, "see, I'm not all that bad".