Friday, December 9, 2011

The holiday bucket list

This weekend is the first weekend in months that we haven't been organising an event or going to a party or have something pressing that needs to be done.

With Dad's 70th birthday party last weekend and Josh's graduation celebrations over I actually came home on Friday and had nothing to do.

And it was fabulous.

These holidays we're staying put and not going to Townsville like we normally do. I have a list of things that I WANT to do (as opposed to NEEDING to do) and they include reading these books by Candace Bushnell that I borrowed from the library.

This will be quite the mean feat as I don't normally read. I can write, and write for hours, but reading a book I find difficult. Maybe it's the lack of pictures, I don't know, because I love reading the weekend papers and magazines, books are just...different.

Anyway, stay tuned till after New Year. I'll let you know if I managed to do it!