Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree...

One of the few things to survive the flood were our beautiful Christmas ornaments. They were saved because they were stored in sealed plastic boxes in the highest cupboard in the house. The waters reached to the bottom of the box but that was easily washed off. The Christmas Tree unfortunately didn't make it as it wasn't in a plastic box, just its original cardboard box.

My Christmas ornaments are very precious to me. I have two themes. The first one is a traditional theme with wooden ornaments of candy canes, toy soldiers, sleighs and Santas. I bought them when Josh was very little and it reminds me of my childhood when we had the traditionally decorated tree.

The second theme, and my favourite, is a crystal, glass and silver theme. I only started collecting for this a couple of years ago when Josh and I moved out on our own as it was something I had always wanted and I felt like it signalled a new era for us.  The glass ornaments in particular are just divine and flicker in the sunlight during the day and the reflect the fairy lights at night.

The whole effect is just divine and when I sit back and look it brings a little smile to my face.