Friday, December 9, 2011

Sprout Cafe

Going to breakfast at a place that has either just opened or under new owners is never really a good idea. There's always that 'teething' period and you're better off just waiting until they settle in.

My cousin Jon was up from Sydney for a wedding so we really only had breakfast to catch up with the fam, and Sprout at Auchenflower was a last minute choice. This place is pretty well known for its dinner fare, but I'd never known it was open for breakfast.

Turns out it was under new owners and today was the first day they were open for breakfast.

Service was really, really slow and I get the feeling that perhaps their waitress hadn't turned up, because the poor owner was taking orders, cooking and serving until a waitress turned up looking flustered. I think she might have been called in at the last minute.

The service though was really, really friendly, despite being slow, so I can forgive, I wasn't the one that needed to get to a wedding.  The food was delicious too. They brought out home made bread for starters and it was still warm and melt in your mouth delicious.

When it finally did arrive, I had the muesli and it was toasty sweet, but not too sticky. We were a table of six and everyone said theirs was delicious, so I think just wait a few months and this place will have their service sorted.