Friday, January 20, 2012

The Burata Explosion

The work girls and I had lunch today at our favourite local, The Jetty Oxford. After days and days of rain, the sun came out to cue the weekend and being oudoors was glorious!

Being a Friday and sunny the place was packed and of course we didn't have a booking. One thing I do love about this place though is they can actually THINK and moved some tables and bookings around so everyone (including our party of 5) could still fit. Kudos!!

They've changed to a new menu since I was there last and the only thing that really caught my eye was the Caprese Salad with Fresh Burata. What's burata you say? I have no idea - ask the waiter.

"It's cheese," he said, "probably best described as being like fresh buffalo mozzarella, but runnier."


He wasn't kidding. It was like a little cheese money bag. Tied up and sitting pertly on top of a nest of cherry tomatoes with flat leaf parsley. It looked solid, but was strangely wobbly.

I cut into it and *bang*! Only what I can describe as a burata explosion. A gooey, runny cheese streamed out and pooled at the bottom on my plate like a little gourmet lake. Mild, fresh and just divine, it was like...fresh buffalo mozzarella, but runnier. (Duh, it's not plagiarism if a waiter was describing it!)

I've never tasted anything like it. I'm not a huge cheese fan, especially the stronger tasting cheese, but this was superb and mixed beautifully with the caprese salad.

The caprese salad was also divine. I mean, it's JUST tomatoes, but they were so super fresh, it wouldn't have surprised me if they had a little vegie patch out the back that they picked from and just threw onto the plate. A smattering of sea salt and some freshly picked herbs and it proves brilliant doesn't need to be fancy.

Great food. Great atmosphere. Great service. Great weather. Great Friday.

Bring on the weekend!