Monday, January 30, 2012

A day in New Farm

A mid century inspired the bus stop!
I had a lazy Sunday in New Farm with Tehana, my foodie/fashion cousin-in-crime.

New Farm has so much character with an eclectic mixture of historical architecture from every era. The narrow streets dotted with beautiful old Queenslanders with the wraparound verandahs and ironwork lace next to art deco apartment blocks from the 1940s next to 1970s brown brick eyesores.

New Farm is one of those boom suburbs. It started out as farming land in the 1800s (thus its name), but, despite being just 2kms from the CBD, fell in disrepair and  by the 1980s had became a bit of a druggy hovel like its neighbour Fortitude Valley.

When I arrived in Brisbane in the early 1990s, the developers had just started moving in "gentrifying" the area. But even back then you could pick up a house for under $100K. Fast forward 20 years and those little homes, even unrenovated, sell for a million dollars. It's insane.

But I digress. We decided on a day in New Farm because they have awesome, albiet expensive, shopping in James Streets and we hadn't caught up since Christmas.  So we started with breakfast.

Coco pops and Bailey's...for breakfast?
I'd heard about Lady Lamington from one of the girls at work, who had gone on opening night. She said the place had a great atmosphere and a fantastic fit out, but as you'd expect on opening night, things were a little disorganised.

I try not to go to a new restaurant or cafe until a least a month after they open so they can get settled, but Tehana was keen and had another theory that if a place was really good, then if you leave it a month you can't get in.

I like my theory better.

The place was really cool and funky but the service was sooooo slow. We had 3 different people come around to take our order, but even though there were only 2 other tables, our breakfast took almost 40 minutes to come out. My corncakes were really overcooked and crispy and (Tehana's husband) Nathan's order came out wrong.

Corn Cakes
But in all honesty, that's to be expected. The staff were really sweet and the menu looked good. Give it a month or two and this place will be rocking.

We ditched Nathan (well, he ditched us, apparently shopping all day in the rain with 2 girls didn't appeal to him) and headed off to James Street. James Street is one of those high streets full of designer shops, delicatessans and organic food stores and expensive cafes. We shopped for a few hours, trying on clothes, looking at homewares, trying on perfume at Libertine and drinking coffee at Jamie's Espresso Bar. Despite the rain, it was really fun.

We had coffee at Jamie's Espresso Bar
This year is going to be my year of just doing stuff. Catching up with friends and visiting new places, or revisiting old places. So far I've been off to a pretty good start.