Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We went to Dreamworld the other day. I was about 8 years old when I first went to Dreamworld. I'd travelled down from Townsville to perform at an international dance festival at the Queensland Performaning Arts Complex and while we were there, my Dad took us down to the Gold Coast to visit the theme park.

At the time it was like NOTHING I'd ever seen, having come from a small regional town. Rollercoasters, rides, JUNK FOOD!! It was incredible. It was like what I thought Disneyland would be like if we had one in Australia. Good, clean family fun.

Thunder River Rapids Ride
I actually hate rides, well, the scary ones anyway. Particularly the ones that we have today. But at my first time at Dreamworld, we went into the Gold Rush Town, which had the "Rocky Hollow Log Ride" and "The Thunder River Rapids Ride". On the Log Ride you just kinda floated through a pretend old gold rush town on a fake looking, hollowed out log and then at the very end you go up an aqueduct really and plunge down the ramp at 50km/hour. On the Rapids ride, you sit in a giant tyre and basically go white water rafting.  They weren't really scary, but they were AWESOME!!!

Rocky Hollow Log Ride
Now, by today's standards they're pretty tame. You don't turn upside down, they're not very fast, the scenery is made out of concrete made to look like rocky mountains. Actually all pretty lame. But there's something so innocent and naive about theme park fun in the 80s, I still love it and I wanted Josh too as well.

Now Josh is a daredevil. He's gone on the Tower of Terror and seems to revel in being tossed upside down at a million miles an hour. Things that just make me cringe. So I really thought he would be like, "oh Mum you're sooo lame" when I wanted to go on the Rapids and the Log Ride with him.

But to my surprise, he wasn't.

He loved it too and we ended up going on each ride about 4 times...until the park closed. It made my heart smile just that little bit that Josh loved the simple things that I loved as a kid.