Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's time to put on make up...it's time to light the lights...

Believe it or not, I don't really like going to the movies. I find it very hard to sit still for 2 hours, especially if it's a drama or a movie I actually have to THINK about. I like comedies. I want to laugh and be entertained and escape from my normal dramatic life. I especially don't like paying $20 to be bored and/or depressed.

But, it's school holidays and after, well, 2 days, you tend to run out of things to do and there's always some sort of kid's movies released especially for these times. I actually LOVE kid's movies. Cartoons, Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, all those movies I do love and usually end up getting on DVD.

So, in the past 2 weeks, we've seen THREE movies and they've all been AMAZING!!

First one was Tin Tin. I didn't read the books as a kid, so I didn't really know what it was about. But wow, the CGI was incredible, I found myself forgetting it was a cartoon. Storyline kept you on your seat and it was just good, clean family fun. Man I must be getting prudish in my old age...I find myself being rather offended at unecessary violence and profanities at the movies.

The next was Tower Heist. I'm not usually a Ben Stiller Fan, but this movie was hilarious and kept the pace going the whole time. Eddie Murphy is a scream and the gags kept coming so quickly you forgot the gaping holes in the storyline and major continuity issues.

Finally, we went and saw The Muppets. Ahhhh...the memories. If you were a kid of the 80s this just takes you back. I watching this when I was little but to see it now makes you realised and appreciate the true genius of Jim Henson.

So three in a row makes me one happy mummy during the school holidays. Oh, and love, love, love Cineplex for their $8.50 ticket prices and free parking!!