Monday, January 16, 2012

We miss you magic land!

We explored an AMAZING children's installation at GoMA called "we miss you magic land!" (yes, all in lowercase...I don't know why).

The artists had created a magical fantasy land with bright colours, magical mushrooms, hearts projected onto walls and other amazing creations apparently inspired by the mythology, children's stories and folktale. 

One of the installations...made from sugar!

My favourite part though, was the magical forest made from...sugar! Oh yeah baby, magical trees of marshmallow, crystal sugar volcanos, puddles of sweet icing sugar. It's the first time I've ever wanted to lick an exhibition!

I'm so jealous at how talented some artists are. The detail on this was incredible and it was a large exhibition so must have taken them hours, weeks, perhaps even months to do. There were installations hanging from the ceiling, behind glass, and intricately created on tables a little too close to little sticky fingers.  There was on section that had sand (or icing sugar, not sure) so carefully placed it was like a Tibetan Monk Sand Mandala...but someone with very little fingers had reached over and run three finger marks straight through it...obviously before the GoMA staff had time to stop them. I wonder how the artist feels about that?

It was so incredible it DID made me miss the magic and innocence of my childhood, where everything was happy, sweet and full of fun.