Monday, February 27, 2012

Cupcake Heaven

There's only four people in our little media team at work and two of those have birthdays on consecutive days. That's pretty low odds isn't it?

So one must celebrate with cupcakes I say! From my own personal quest for the best cupcakes in Brisbane, nothing has yet topped the simple, but unbelievably delicious and moist cupcakes from The Oxford Street Bakery in Bulimba. One must, must try the passionfruit ones before they die!

Others I've taste tested (and not in any order)

My Sweetopia
Couture Cupcakes
Poppy Cakes
Cakes by Judy C
Cake Star
The Cupcake Parlour
Shingle Inn

I know that's not even close to all of those in Brisbane - send me suggestions for others to try if you have them! I'm willing to eat my way through the town's cupcake scene...cause that's the kinda girl I am ;-P.