Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Renovation - The Downstairs Bathroom

Bathroom Before

The downstairs bathroom was the ultimate salute to early 90s design. A lovely peach and pale blue combination, right down to the matching blue toilet, bath and vanity suite.

We had already started the front garden renovations so I wasn't keen to start any others until that was finished, but the bathroom was always something that Graham had hated and I guess when the renovation bug bites...

I came home after work one day and he had ripped out the old timber vanity and blue toilet and everything else was in piles on the floor.

We had managed to salvage a few things from the flooded house that we thought we may be able to reuse in the renovations at Graham's. We took two toilets and a vanity. I didn't think they worked after being submerged in muddy floodwater for two days, but I guess they're made to use with water and Graham managed to get them all working.

The new (well, sort of new) toilet was much more compact than the old suite and the chunky wooden vanity was replaced by the pedastal and tapware from the flooded house. It was quite the challenge to make the plumbing fit and I think he had to clear quite a bit of silt from it, but he did it.

A lick of Dulux Vivid White, new towel racks, lights and glass shelving and the bathroom was transformed.