Monday, March 19, 2012

A day in the garden

I can't remember when I started loving gardening. My Mum loves gardening and was always outdoors in her spare time when we were growing up. I remember growing marigolds and carrots in my own little corner garden when I was little, but I certainly wasn't what you would call a green thumb.

I think my love may have started when we bought our first place in East Doncaster in Melbourne in 2000. I finally had a garden that I could create a little paradise. Our place was a gorgeous little clinker brick house with a little cottage garden. The owners before us had planted roses and hydrangeas and there was a beautiful big tree in the front garden.

I managed to steal a few hours in the garden this weekend. Nothing major, just some weeding, mulching and moving a few plants. It was soothing and satisfying though. I had time to actually sit in the garden and notice all the little things, like this mushroom growing in the undergrowth.

I was also going to pull out this vine, which I thought was a weed, but think it may be a passionfruit?

It was such a pleasant few hours. It was overcast, so not too hot and just as I finished it started to rain. The perfect gardening morning.