Sunday, March 18, 2012

Duran Duran Concert

We went to a Duran Duran concert last night. For Gen Ys, Duran Duran was a massively popular band in the 80s. For the over 40s, OMG we went to see a Duran Duran concert last night!!

Duran Duran were just a teeny bit before my time, but I was happy to go because they were one of Graham's favourite bands. To be honest  I was expecting ageing rockers way beyond their prime either touring because they'd run out of money or they had a greatest hits album coming out.

But...they were AWESOME! They rocked the place down and I can see what all the hype was about Simo Le Bon's voice, it was AMAZING!

And the crowd was insane!! I've never seen such an enthusiastic bunch. They're roar even when a roadie came on stage to change a microphone. Crazy nutters! I only knew about 3 songs, but I was up and dancing in my seat by the end.

The stage set up wasn't too elaborate, they started on time, they seemed to genuinely enjoy performing and there wasn't too much synthesising, which I think is great. And even though they DID have a new album coming out, they only played a couple of new ones and mostly all their hits, which is what the audience wanted. Awesome concert, and awesome night.

On a final and somewhat unrelated note, how bad and expensive is concert food? This was vegetable lasagne with veggies. Although the lasagne looks the worst it actually was quite nice. The veggies were frozen (the carrot was actually still a bit frozen!) but the roast potatoes weren't too bad. But it was $30!!! Oh well, you kinda expect that.