Friday, March 30, 2012

End of an Era

This week my Grandmother's home was sold. She had lived there since 1963 when her two children were in their 20s and all 5 of us grandchildren had spend many childhood days there.

My grandmother actually passed away in 2006 at the very ripe old age of 93 and hadn't lived in the home for since 2000 when she went into a nursing home, so it had actually been vacant for 12 years. My family had taken very good care of it though and most of her belongings were still there up until we cleaned it out last year.

It was a very simple house, 3 bedrooms, teeny bathroom and toilet off the back stairs, but my grandmother was very happy there. My Aunty told me it was the first home they had with running water. I used to play there when I was a child and I have memories of the most random things. I remember when I was about 4 and was staying there because I had chickenpox. She rubbed lemon leaves over the sores (??) and I drew a picture of a bird. That bird picture was still there when we cleaned out the house. It had been up on the wall for 21 years and had faded to almost nothing.

We're all feeling a little nostalgic about it all. We all remember the frog that lived in the red letterbox and the creaky gate that would booooingkkk when it shut, no doubt sending vibrations through the poor froggy. I'm not a sentimental person AT ALl when it comes to "stuff". I didn't shed a tear when everything we owned went under in the flood (although I was upset when I realised Josh's baby album and our home movies were damaged), but I'm finding myself strangely emotional about my grandmother's house and a little lost as to how I might be able to preserve some of the memories.

There is something that I've been thinking of doing, but haven't yet raised with my Dad and Aunty. All of my grandmother's belongings are in storage, none has been distributed out or sold and she had an original, mid century lounge suite in the style of Hans Wenger. The upholstory wouldn't suit the style of decor I'm planning, but it could be restored and reupholstered.

It's hard to tell from this pic, but there is a 3 seater lounge on the left, covered in a sheet on the very right hand corner is the arm of one of two single chairs. I would like to use a more modern fabric with a retro pattern on it, or perhaps just a plain black or navy colour and decorate with patterned cushions.

It would look something like this once restored.

Anyway, that's my thought at the moment, and not something I can really do until I get the new house built, so I'll keep you posted.