Monday, March 19, 2012

The Famous Manx Breakfast for Two

Graham and I enjoyed the "Famous Manx Breakfast for Two" at Restaurant Manx down at Portside in Hamilton on the weekend. Poached eggs, cibatta, tomatoes, home made baked beans, spinach, hash browns (and normally bacon and sausages, but we omitted those) served on a cast iron pan.

Ohhh it was delicious! And on the wharf as the Dawn Princess was in port. I bought the breakfast with one of those group vouchers which also came with freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee or tea. Normally all that would have been $58, but with the voucher it was $22. Bargain I say.

Graham went very strange and pale when he had to hand over the voucher. He said it was embarrassing and such an upmarket restaurant shouldn't need to do such a deal.

I disagree. A lot.

Everyone loves a bargain and this is a classic loss leader. I love eating out, but I'd baulk at paying $58 for a breakfast for two unless I knew it was worth it.  Now that I know the food is good, the portions are decent and the service is good and not snooty, I'd definitely go back. I think that's their philosophy, it's exposing them to a customer base that COULD be return customers if they'd tried it before.

Pretty much everyone that was there was having the same thing, which meant they'd all bought vouchers. There was no shame. In fact, I think it was win win.

So here, here to group vouchers!