Sunday, March 11, 2012

Home Show Deal Breaker

Awesome retro Smeg Fridge

I dragged took Graham to the Courier Mail Home Show today. After just a few minutes I came to realise that Home Shows can be a deal breaker for some couples. Everyone has their own strategy and plan of attack. Mine is to float around from stand to stand, going to whatever catches my eye, wherever that may be. It's casual and fun.

Graham is an anal retentive. He has to have pattern, up and down each aisle so nothing is missed and nothing is doubled up.

This really doesn't work for me.

A couple of times we needed to just concede that we had different ways of doing Home Shows and went our separate ways. We always came back together 10 minutes later, but it left me wondering whether at this point it became a deal breaker for other couples.

The Home Show was great though for new ideas for the house. I got some really good prices for flooring, which is the main reason I went. I'd rung around before and the best I could do was $79/m2, but at the Home Show they were offering $63/m2. I'm looking at engineered timber flooring in Spotted Gum or Blue Gum.

We looked at and tried 3 different types of coffee machines, so after 3 hours I'd had 3 shots of coffee and half a can of Mother. I was buzzing. It was time to go home.