Sunday, March 25, 2012

Homes of the Past

I was going through my old photo albums (actual albums, from before the digital age) looking for some pics of my previous houses for my new house blog, and I got a little nostalgic.

First Home

Our first home was in Doncaster East in Melbourne. A charming little clinker brick house with a big maple tree and cottage garden of weeping roses and hydrangeas. It had beautiful polished hardwood floors, bay windows, a fireplace and and country kitchen. Josh was only a year old and loved playing in the front garden, which, of course, had a white picket fence. It was straight out of a storybook, in a lovely old green, leafy suburb. It was the most perfect house for a young family and a toddler and we eventually sold it to same type of family with young children.

Second Home

Neighbourhood children gathering in front of our house before Halloween trick or treat

Our second home was in Sherwood in Brisbane, when we moved back to be closer to family. It was a replica Queenslander, with a cute sunny front deck and large deck at the back overlooking the garden.

Sherwood is a fantastic neighbourhood and I'm really happy that Josh grew up there and spent most of his primary school years there. The house was lovely, not fabulously built being a replica, but sunny and airy. I had my 30th birthday party there.

Third Home

This was our third house, before it was flooded. It was an adorable little post war house, beautifully renovated and just the perfect, cosy size for us. We only had it for a year before it was flooded, but we have good memories there. My parents came to stay, my friends came to stay and we had parties and get togethers. I'd also started planting masses of magnolias and gardenias for my white fragrant garden.

That's all gone now and we're ready for our next house adventure. Same address, different house. Can't wait.