Monday, March 26, 2012

Local Discoveries

We made a fabulous discovery on the weekend. The Colmslie Beach Reserve. How often do you discover that some of the most fantastic places are ones that have been on your doorstep for years? I can still claim newbie status because I've only been here for about 12 months, but Graham has lived in this area for over 10 years.

There's a gorgeous park with an "octopus" and "fish" and flying fox. Great for families. We spent most of the time on the beach though, which really is just a tiny strip of sand near some mangroves overlooking the Port of Brisbane.  We did old fashion things like skimming rocks, exploring under the mangroves and sitting in the sand and letting the tide wash over our feet.

These are the things we did as kids. Before gameboys, XBoxes, the internet. Sometimes I forget to take time out and just enjoy the simple things.  Enjoying the sound of silence. Enjoying the crackle of leaves beneath your feet. Finding old coins in the water. Being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

There was beauty everywhere.

And icons of familiarity.

I'm going to try and take more notice of the things around me.