Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Renovation - The Downstairs Study

No, you're not in an interior design nightmare. This was the study after we took all the furniture out, but before we renovated it. The lovely apricot, peach and soft mint colour scheme was throughout the home. The mint carpet had first been installed in the early 90s and definitely seen better days. Stained and always slightly smelly, pretty much everything in this room I was happy to get rid of.

We pulled up the nasty carpet and painted the walls a Dulux "Vivid White". It was indeed very vivid and I worried about how stark it might look.  I needn't had worried thoughts as we laid laminate floorboards in a warm shade and once we put all the furniture back it actually looked quite cosy.

We decided to turn this room into the guest room and move the office into the larger bedroom next door. It was a good move. The office is much more spacious than this room, which is the  perfect size for guests. 

We're ecstatic with the results of this room reno. It's simple clean and a million percent (yes, that's 100,000,000%) better than before.