Saturday, April 14, 2012

Final NZ Hurrah

Nothing like going out with a bang! For our last day in New Zealand we went white water rafting down the Tongariro River. It was BRILLIANT! The day was absolutely gorgeous and the river flowing just fast enough to make the rapids a little scary.

We looked like a boxed set of Boba Fetts being tossed down a raging river and that's pretty much how it felt. Our guide would shout instructions for us, but it's when he yelled "Hold On" you know you were in for a rough ride.

During the calmer parts of the ride though, I just looked around and drank in the beautiful scenery. We were travelling through the deepest part of a rainforest gorge, on what was once a volcano. When the waters were calm they were crystal clear and you could see fish dart past. It was breathtaking.

Another one ticked off the bucket list!