Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday so time to reflect on where life is at as another year has passed. For those of you who don't like reading cheese, close this window now!


OK, you're still here.

So I came home from dinner last night and felt a real sense of inner peace. Just for a few hours.  I thought about today, and last week, and last year and all the birthdays I've had over the years and I thought about the things I am grateful for, for this birthday. So here goes.

This birthday, I am:

  • Grateful that I have a healthy and happy(ish) teenage son who played and sang me Happy Birthday on his guitar.
  • Grateful my early-to-bed Mum stayed up until midnight to be the first to wish me Happy Birthday on Facebook and email. (and while we're here, grateful my Mum is even ON Facebook and email)
  • Grateful my night owl Dad got up early to wish me a happy birthday via text (and while we're here, grateful my Dad now HAS a mobile AND can text!)
  • Grateful that my Bestie who was as sick as a dog with the flu still dragged herself out of bed to come out to dinner.
  • Grateful that my other Bestie tried to get down from the Gold Coast for dinner (she got caught in traffic though and didn't make it in time).
  • Grateful that I have a job I like with people I like who took me to breakfast at one of my favourite cafes.
  • Grateful for all the lovely messages, texts, cards, pressies from loved ones.
  • Grateful I've made it to this age without any health problems or major tragedies.

So there you go. My inner peace session only lasted a few hours, then I shot back to reality with how messy the house was, the deadlines looming for work tomorrow and just general life. But for just a time, I was grateful and nothing else, and I'm glad I've written it down.