Sunday, April 15, 2012

Homecoming Present

We're back!! NZ was awesome but it's nice to be home. Graham made me a homecoming present.

It's a compost bin!

No, it's not one of those situations where he made something he really wanted for himself, I've been wanting one for ages, and this one is AMAZING!  No crappy, knocked up from pine one, no sir-ee, this is the deluxe super sized, king version of compost bins.

Graham is so talented. No plans or google, he made this from scratch, by hand with just my ramblings of how it should look and work. And he did it perfectly!

It's made from recycled hardwood, with a top that fully opens out as well as a smaller lid. The slats are just wide enough to aerate the contents, but not too wide as to let the possums in. The  bottom has two openings to get out the fully decomposed compost and the whole thing is double bolted and hinged.

He made it on the back deck (for presentation) but we moved it to its permanent spot up the backyard behind a tree. He designed it to be modular because it was so heavy it had to be moved in pieces. It's already a quarter full. I raked up all the leaves from the giant mango tree in the backyard, tore up all the old newspapers in the house and emptied out the fridge.

I'm so excited about all the lovely, mulchy compost that will come from this - is that weird?

I love it though, it's the best present ever!