Friday, April 20, 2012


I've always hated macaroons. They're chewy, dry and taste like old egg so I could never understand why everyone raved about them.

But then my cousin gave me these for my birthday and OH...MY...GOD, I figured this is what everyone goes gaga over. They were light, slightly sweet biscuits of air filled with delicious fillings like passionfruit custard and peanut butter.

I think I had a macaroongasm.

I think I must have had a bad macaroon experience either for my first time or when I was younger because it turned me off for years. It's just lucky these have shown me how AMAZING they can be...if they're made right.

These were from French Patisserie at Toowong and according to my foodie cousin, these are the best. I agree.

French Patisserie
Cat & Fiddle Centre
Shop 1/9 Morley St,Toowong
Ph: (07) 3371 8996