Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Farewell to the UK

My lightning UK tour has come to an end and so I bid farewell to my friends and boarded the plane for the 29 hour flight back to Australia. It's been an awesome, awesome trip!

This is how I looked on the way TO Dublin. Such a long haul virgin. Someone (and I will kill him later) told me that if you dress up a bit you have a better chance of getting an upgrade. It SO didn't work - the flight was not only full, it was oversold. I don't know how you can oversell a flight, but apparently they can and they do. So I spent 30 hours in a very small chair, in a very small dress, only being able to doze off for a short time.

On the way back I wore tracksuit pants and trainers and the flight was divine. I flew Dublin to Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi to Melbourne, Melbourne to Brisbane, but of course no overseas trip is complete without a hitch. The flight out of Abu Dhabi was 1.5 hours late due to backed up traffic and there was only a 2 hour stopover in Melbourne. I thought I did well to exit the plane, collect my baggage, clear customs and get to the domestic terminal in 25 minutes, but I missed my connection by 5 minutes. 5 minutes!!!

So I spent the night at the Holiday Inn courtesy of Etihad Airways. It says 4.5 star, but I'm not so sure. Anything with maroon carpet should lose at least 1 star rating for that alone. It was fine though, I had room service, went to sleep and took the first flight back to Brisbane the next morning. I went straight from the airport to work and luckily, no jet lag. There or back!

Loved being overseas...but love coming home.