Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Gastronomic Journey Through London

So London's not just about fish and chips and pork pies! We weren't there for long, but we sure ate as much as we could!

Sushi at the Sushi Bar at Harrods

Oh the Food Hall at Harrods is like heaven on earth! Gorgeous fresh food, chocolates, cafes, restaurants, seafood, delicatessen, everything food related. Amazing! We had lunch at the sushi bar there, actually, it was more like a snack. These two sushi rolls and two cups of green tea was £38 or....$57AUD...Oh. My. God! It was delicious...ridiculously delicious, but wowsers! You have to eat at least once at Harrods though, right?

Strawberry Tart from Paul
Paul is Amelia's favourite patisserie and luckily for us there is one just across the road from where we were staying in South Kensington. So no yucky instant coffee for us each morning, it was faster to walk across the road in our PJs and get a proper flat white to perk us up. She loooves these strawberry tarts too and tried to convert me. Mission accomplished. It was delicious!

Wholefoods and the largest meringues ever!

Salad Bar
Wowsers, Wholefoods is amazing! I don't know how many levels there was, at least three, with fresh food, packaged foods, cafes, salad bars, just everything!! I think this is the place that Gwenyth Paltrow always raves about.

Tofu Pad Thai in South Kensington
This was a deliciously simple tofu pad thai from a little Thai restaurant in South Kensington, Khob Khun. It was yummy, and the restaurant was teeny, with just a few tables, so the atmosphere was really intimate.

Enjoying a cupcake outside the Borough Markets
If you're a foodie, get thee down to the Borough Markets. Fabulous fresh food, delicatessen, seafood, cheeses and CUPCAKES!!!  This is like the Eagle Farm Markets on speed. We spent hours there and I could have stayed longer if we didn't have to meet Cara in town for dinner. I had my first cider (weird, but I liked it) and we ate cupcakes out on the street with a million other Londoners.

Quite the gastronomic journey indeed!