Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greedy Guts

You might have noticed...I like my food. I'm not a foodie, I just eat a lot. I started a Pinterest Board called "Karina's Gastronomic Journey" and after just a couple of months I realised something.

I'm just a greedy guts.

I eat out waaay too much. (Mostly this is with friends I think that's OK). But overall, I just eat way too much. At one stage, we were going out for lunch every day at work, eating out for dinner at least twice a week. My only saving grace is that I quite like cooking and so most dinners are cooked from fresh ingredients, generally with a lot of chilli!

Regardless, I did decide to make a few changes lately. I take lunch to work Monday through to Thursday - we go out to lunch on Fridays though. I've tried to cut out as much wheat and dairy (ugh...chocolate), and I'm going to start going to the markets again for fruit and veg again. I used to go to the Rocklea markets religiously for about 4 years when I lived around the corner from them, but it's a little harder these days.

So far, so good. I've had a few little setbacks, but I've lost 3 kilograms (not much generally, but a significant portion of my weight when you consider my height) and I'm spending way less each week.

And I feel better.

Yay me!