Saturday, June 16, 2012

Housey Shopping with the Bestie

Met Cheree at Ikea for a bit of bestie time and to buy the very first item for the new house! I've had my eye on this pendant lamp for ages and I plan to put it in the stairwell.
It's pretty hey? I love it! And I love that I can actually start buying stuff for the new house. It's been such a long process.

I also picked up a set of these 3 prints. I kind of thought they were cute. They were $14 down to $4 so I can't really lose even if I decide I don't like them.

Spent 4.5 hours there, which is nothing really when I hang out with Cheree, but I hadn't seen her since I got back from the UK, so it was faaaaabulous to catch up. We had breakfast there - 2 hot breakfasts, coffee and juice for $5.95.

Man...I LOVE Ikea!! Oh, and my bestie.