Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Grandmother's Won Ton Soup

My dear Grandmother was an AMAZING cook. She lived across the road from our high school and after school we could go over and she always had delicious, authentic Chinese dishes that we'd wolf down. (No sweet and sour pork in sight!).

I totally didn't appreciate it at the time, and now she's very elderly and hasn't cooked for many years, those authentic dishes have gone with her.  Very sad.

It's been soooo cold in Brisbane lately and I had a craving for her won ton soup. That salty, steaming broth, floating with vegetables and and soft pillow dumplings with their little tails that flicked soup all over your chin when you slurped them up. How I miss them! I really should learn to make them, though hers were pork and prawn and these days I would prefer a vegetarian version.

We had this at Kuan Yin in the valley - a vegetarian version. It was nice, but not my Grandmother's.  Still awesome on a Winter's night.

Boys and girls, a word from your wise Aunty Karina...savour and appreciate that delicious food from your grandparents. It's probably good, old fashioned, authentic fare and most importantly made for you with love.