Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ramen Craving

Sigh, the problem with deciding to go to a great restaurant and then not getting around it to it for ages, is that it grows in your mind into the culinary holy grail that you'll push your mother out of the way for.

So, I'd got to talking about ramen with my friend Chris and I can't remember who suggested it, but we decided that we must have ramen at Taro's Ramen & Cafe in Adelaide Street.

We had the conversation AGES ago, like at least a season ago, and while I've been thinking about it a lot, since the temperature has dropped, I've been seriously craving it.

So set a date we did and off to Ramen we went. Mmmmm....steaming hot ramen with its hearty broth, handmade noodles and topped with veggies and a steamed egg. Couldn't wait! Thought about it ALL day.

I usually always check a restaurant's website for their menu before I go, generally to check their vegetarian options but also their prices and opening hours. I did check Taro's website, and they did have photos, but no clearly marked vegetarian options and I didn't really click through properly. Some ramen is made from soy broth, so I just assumed there would be at least one.

Well, you know what they say about  assuming. Turns out that broth is seafood, chicken or pork. *Super sad face*.

The only hot vegetarian options was the "Dry Noodle with Stamina Vegetables". I'm glad it looked and tasted like this and not what "Dry Noodles with Stamina Vegetables" sounds like. I was half expecting something that looked like shredded cardboard topped with those those dehydrated veggies you take on camping trips. It was really yummy, but I really wanted ramen. Chris' looked good.

We also had this "Spicy Cold Tofu" (deeeelicious!) and edamame washed down with some lychee tea.  I was full as by the end.

But I still wanted ramen!