Monday, August 27, 2012

10 things you probably didn't know about me

1. I love gardening.

This surprises many people. Probably because most of them see me out either in work attire or weekend casual, not covered in dirt and compost. But I absolutely love growing plants and flowers, veggies and herbs and can easily spend hours outside tending to my garden. I also buy gardening magazines and watch gardening shows and one of the highlights this year was going to the Chelsea Flower Show in London. I don't  profess to being a green thumb though, a good percentage or my plants die. Doesn't mean I don't love it.

2. I hate flying.

Not just the slight annoyance or claustrophobia. The full on panic, hyperventilating, heart racing, lock yourself in the bathroom situation. It starts long before I get on the plane and usually lasts until I am "well inside the terminal". I've always had it. I hate that feeling of being that high in the air. I hate turbulence and I know I will never get over it. The only thing I can do, if I ever want to travel, is just deal with it. I did it this year for my first long haul flight in a long time, when I went to Dublin. That was a 30 hour flight and I coped OK.

3. I don't read.

Well, I don't read much. Especially if there are no pictures. I don't any issues with reading,  I'm just very hyper and find it very hard to sit still long enough to read more than one chapter. I'm aware of the irony - that I write for a living. That's just how it is. Strange, but true!

4. I like cartoons.

I just never grew out of the Saturday morning cartoons phase. I can watch them with or without my son. I love Pixar and will easily go to the movies or watch the DVDs with or without my son. I love the innocence of the younger cartoons and the slight sarcasm of the older, teenage cartoons. My all time favourite cartoon is "The Emperor's New Groove".

5. I don't speak Chinese.

This one is bad. I wish I could speak Chinese. Both sets of grandparents came over from China in the 1940s and both my parents were born here. Mum and Dad can understand and speak some of the language, but sadly for us second generation we never needed to. Sometimes I think about taking lessons but a) I think it would be difficult now that I'm older and b) how weird would it look me walking into a Chinese lesson?

6. I am severely short sighted.

I wear contact lenses during the day and glasses at night. I can't read a book clearly unless it's 30cms in front of me. I've considered laser surgery, but surgery scares me so unless it's absolutely necessary, I won't do it. Even if would make my life sooo much easier.

7. I have a degree in Human Resource Management.

Weird huh? It was a pretty trendy degree at the time and although I realised half way through that I was completely uninterested in the course, I finished it anyway because I hate starting things and not following through to the end. It's a Business degree with a HRM major so I've definitely used the core business subjects in my career, but definitely not the HRM subjects. I also have a secondary major in Film & Television Production, which I've not really used either except for a short stint in a corporate video production house. I loved the FTV subjects though, they were awesome.

8. I've lived in 4 cities.

Born in Townsville, studied in Brisbane, moved to Melbourne for 4 years where Josh was born, then Sydney for 1.5 years and back to Brisbane since then. Favourite has probably been Sydney, although it's sooo expensive to live there. Melbourne next, the food is great. Brisbane is a great family city though to live in and Townsville will always be home.

9. I hate ibises.

I'm OK with most animals, but I hate ibises. They smell terrible and they look funny.

10. I can't think of a tenth one.