Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cross River Lunch

OK, so I made a bit of a pact with myself to get out of my eating comfort zone and go to other parts of town that weren't in my immediate work or home area (or The Valley or Sunnybank). 

Make a pact...and it will happen :-).

We met Miranda over at her new workplace in Teneriffe, which is across the river, but surprisingly close to Bulimba if you just jump on the ferry. It was an absolutely glorious "Winter's" day in Brisbane and enjoying the warm sunshine on your back as the cross river ferry gently lulled across the waters was just divine.

You really MUST eat alfresco on such a day so we went to The London Club. I had the bacon, mushroom, parmesan and sun dried tomato linguine...without the bacon. It was delicious, but, and I hardly EVER say this, was just way too big. It was a lunch special too. I left half of it on the plate, which was just plain wastage and I hate that. It's no secret that I'm a big eater, so if I couldn't finish it, I'm certain most other people couldn't. Such a shame.

I loved being on this side of town.  All the woolsheds and narrow, treelined streets, a totally different feel to Bulimba. I'm totally coming back, but at least I can tick this one off my list.