Sunday, August 5, 2012

Himalayan Cafe

You know what my problem is? I'm a bit parochial when it comes to cafes and restaurants. I tend to just go to my local area or the area around work and when I do find a great place outside those areas I just tend to stick to it.

I need to be more adventurous.

I had to do a drop off in New Farm the other night and went down Brunswick Street on the way. There's so many amazing cafes and restaurants down there, new ones that have opened since I've last visited and some iconic ones I've "been meaning" to try for so long.

Anyway, had a spare night this week and just did it! Grabbed the G and went to the Himalayan Cafe which I've wanted to go to for ages!

I think we were pretty lucky to get a table as there were reserved signs everywhere and it was already half full by 6.00pm. Great atmosphere, kitschy authentic decor and the food was AMAZING!! We got the vegetarian platter which had some dahl, black eye bean curry and a kidney bean curry which was out of this world! Also had the customary tofu dish and some sort of bread thingy entree. There were LOADS of vegetarian options and all very reasonably priced. We were SO FULL by the end.

...but we still made room for apple crumble from Lady Lamington ;-)