Monday, September 24, 2012

Brisbane Moon Lantern Festival

Checked out the Brisbane Moon Lantern Festival in Chinatown over the weekend with my little brother. Looove these lanterns. They were just amazing!

I got there pretty late cause I'd spent the day on the Gold Coast with my Bestie Cheree, but it was still packed with people watching performances on centre stage and the atmosphere was electric!

I have really fond memories of the full moon festival, which celebrates the "fullest" moon of the year.  When we were growing up it was called the August Moon Festival, but I've noticed they've changed it to Lantern Moon Festival because, well, it's not August and it's never has been held in August and obviously that's a bit confusing.

When we were growing up the festivals were pretty simple. Buffet food at the local hall with some performances, some sparklers and music. It was awesome fun. I actually used to perform traditional dances when I was in my early teens. Happy Days.

The festivities go over a week and we're heading home to Townsville soon to celebrate up there. It's been YEARS since we've been home to celebrate that and it's something I'm really looking forward to.

Oh and my little bro and I shared this tofu clay hot pot from Pho B. Soooo delicious. Squishy, tasty, deep fried tofu with shitake mushrooms, shallots and ginger. Yuuuuuum!!!!