Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Date with the Bestie

Vegetable Tempura Plate
I did dinner and a movie with my bestie Bernice last night. It was awesome cause we hadn't caught up in AGES and we were both sans children! Which meant we got to eat the food WE wanted to eat and see the movie WE wanted to see!!

So we had sushi at Hababishi at The Barracks and saw The Sapphires at the Palace Cinemas. So fab that we both wanted to see The Sapphires but neither of us had got around to it. And it was faaaabulous!! Hooray for Australian film.

I did a secondary major in Film & TV at uni and the subject I loved the most was "Australian Film". The lecture was on from 6pm - 9pm on a Friday night and I NEVER missed a lecture. The ONLY subject in my entire degree that I have a 100% attendance rate. I do try and see Australian films when I can, but TBH The Sapphires has been the first decent one I've seen in a while.

Yay for hanging out with your besties!!