Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My double life

I lead a such a double life. When Josh is with his Dad, I catch up with my friends, go to shows, say yes to work and corporate events and eat out. Lots. I'm hardly ever home. It feels like the crazy childless life I had before I was 22.

But the moment he's back, it completely changes. We have a routine. Bedtime is strictly 9pm on school nights and 11pm on weekends (for him, not me). The fridge is fully stocked and the three square meals/day are home cooked (mostly). I baked brownies and scones for lunch box treats and soup or muffins for after school snacks. Nights consists of homework and not burlesque dancers and dinner is served with water, not wine.

I never really noticed this until I was baking these cheese and spinach scones the night he came back, for lunch boxes the next day. The night before I had been over at Chris' for Mexican Movie Monday night, sans any children, watching horror movies. Such a contrast, yet weirdly completely natural.

Go figure.

The scones, btw, were a massive fail. I was trying to make something with the leftover ingredients in the fridge, cheese and spinach as it was and the remnants of a bag of wholemeal flour. They were a bit dry and a bit ordinary and clearly not in the shape of a scone. Josh ate them though, bless his human garbage disposal abilities.