Sunday, October 21, 2012

A very big night out!

I don't have big nights out very much...almost never, but this was a HUGE night to top all nights.  It started off with a Black Keys concert out at the Entertainment Centre. I didn't think these guys were that popular, but the venue was PACKED. And these guys seriously rocked! Awesome atmosphere and just a fantastic performance. How awesome is this photo? The timing was juuuuust perfect!

After the performance we headed back into the Valley (because Valley Fiesta was on) and ended up at Kerbside. I've been wanting to go to this place for ages. It's a bar that's basically been kitted out with furniture and decor that's been found at a kerbside pick up. It's eclectic, and vintage and rustic but it just works.

There's also NO cocktail menu. No sir-ree. They personalise each cocktail for you based on the type of drink you like. I'd never come across this before. So I told her I like fruity passionfruit type cocktails and she made one with (a lot) of gin and (a lot) of vodka and it was the most amazing cocktail I'd ever had!  Not only that, it was made with such amazing flair, I would have been happy to just sit and watch her all night.

The second one was this coffee cocktail. I can't remember what spirits were in it, but it was amazing!!

Afterwards, we headed to The Beat and danced the night away until 5am...when we finally got kicked out.  Outside, it was dawn. As in the sun was up. That is a very big night indeed!