Friday, October 5, 2012

Maggie Island

Took my Dad and Josh to Magnetic Island while we were on holidays in Townsville. Or, if you're a local...

"Took the old man and tacker over to Maggie Island while we were on hols in the 'ville."

When we were kids, Maggie Island was a bit of a hippy, slightly daggy island. We used to go there for school camps where the food was terrible and the communal showers even more terrible. I remember throwing up overboard on the way back from a Grade 6 camp because the ferry was so old and rickety.

But times have changed. We took a fancy schmancy boat from the new terminal and surrounding the Nelly Bay jetty was a stack brand new apartments and a Peppers hotel. Fancy!

Despite the fancy changes, the beaches are still beautiful and the pace is relaxing and chilled. You really feel like you're on holidays.

The Marlin Bar Of course there's a giant marlin on the wall,
otherwise how would you know where you were?

We had lunch at the Marlin Bar. It was Grand Final Day just before kick off so the place was pumping. Poor Dad didn't know what was going on.