Thursday, October 11, 2012

MYO Rice Paper Rolls

These tofu rice paper rolls from Happy Little Dumplings in Bulimba are my favourite food ever! They have the perfect combination of tofu, pickled cucumber, carrot, vermicelli, mint and coriander with an AMAZING secret dipping sauce. Sooooo delicious. Just writing this is making my mouth water.

The only downfall is....they only come in after 12pm during the week and if you don't get in early they sell out. Or...they come in late and you're sitting there waiting and your lunch hour runs out and you leave empty handed.

You see my dilemma.

Anyway I have a strategy that I've got down to a fine art. If I leave the at exactly 12pm and park in the local Woolworth (shhhhh) for dine in or send in a runner while I circle if we're doing take-away, there's a better than 80% chance I'll get them. My little work group are familiar with this routine and I don't want to mess with it.

So my manager hasn't come on this rice paper roll run before and KEPT ME WAITING past 12pm while he was on the phone. I stood in at his doorway waving my arms around madly, pointing at my watch and making grumpy faces. Of course we got there and they were SOLD OUT! Grrrrr!!! *Pouty Face*. I was so annoyed I punched him in the arm. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that to your boss.

We ended up having sushi. It was good, but I couldn't get the unfinished business of the non-rice paper roll lunch out of my mind. So I thought I would give it a go and try and make them at home. 

I've made rice paper rolls at home loads of times, but I really wanted to try and recreate the ones they had. Really I think the only difference was the pickled cucumber and the deep fried tofu. I usually just use normal, boiled tofu. So I just soaked the cucumber (and carrot, at Mum's suggestion) and fried the tofu.

They turned out pretty good! And..the Happy Little Dumplings ones are $8 for 2...kinda pricey. I made a batch of 24 for about  $10, enough for dinner and lunch the next day.